Earrings ,,We are all Saints”

Earrings ,,We are all Saints”


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We made them of pure silver, beautified with pure Quartz from the highest mountains and cover all in gold.

The process sounds simple but they are not – they are something which takes your breath away. They were inspired by artistic Baroque style, soft lines, pure crystals and no other than sacredness. Like they are created bys us, the mortal sinners but worn by saints.

They are not going to save your soul and repay your sins,  however they will make you less sinful.


We present magnificient and alluring silver earrings coated with gold and incrusted with ribbed pure Quartz.

* Faceted Crystal Quartz
* Plated with Gold sterling Silver
* Lenght of earrings – 70,2., width – 27,7 mm.
* 18,73 g.weight
* Please allow up to 21 days for crafting and production

Out of stock

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